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My Gift on This Year's World Teachers' Day

I've been reflecting on everything I've achieved in this beautiful, challenging, and essential profession. I have been a teacher since I was a little kid when my classmates used to come to my house to eat my mom's snacks and have extra lessons with me before our exams. I once thought of becoming a doctor, a diplomat, working in international trade, or studying physics. But the universe led me into the classroom when I was 19 years old.

My first group had 3 students. Since then, I've taught so many people - thousands and thousands, at all levels, from different backgrounds. I've designed curricula, taught 300 public school students, taught teenage students in an excellence program in Italy, participated as a guest speaker in a class of 20 Romanian students, taught in a graduate program in Iran. I delivered a lesson about Brazil in an international school in Montenegro, observed classes in a Montessori school in England, and now I'm educating the new generation of educators who will work in bilingual teaching contexts.

It's never easy; I've considered giving up, I've cried, and I've come back extremely exhausted after a long day of teaching. At one point, I had 12 groups and private students simultaneously. From 2005 to 2012, I taught classes on Saturdays. I've thought about how little I earned and that I deserved to earn much more. I've even considered opening my own school.

Everything I do today is somehow related to teaching. What I study, what I write about, what I talk about. In a country that belittles and undervalues the teaching profession, I know I was privileged to work in some of the best educational institutions. However, I still believe I can - and want to - do more. I want to give back to the country what I've learned and help more students. I want to train more teachers. I want to improve my qualifications and write more.

On this Teacher's Day, I want to share a gift with you. It's my new website. I'm migrating the content and the programs that used to be at slowly. I want to make this a much better hub for teachers and learners around the world.

I also hope this day is a happy and reflective one. I am a teacher, always have been, and always will be. I appreciate all of you who attended my classes or learned something from me - and who taught me something in return. I am grateful and proud of my journey. Thank you, teachers. We are essential!

Check out and spread the word

Happy World Teachers' Day!

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