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André Hedlund

Over the years, I've been involved in many projects. Make sure you follow me on social media to check out what I've been doing

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  • MSc Psychology of Education - University of Bristol

  • BRAZ-TESOL Mind, Brain, and Education SIG Board Member

  • Guest Lecturer of Language, Bilingualism & Cognition at Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná

Trainer & Speaker

  • National Geographic Learning Trainer

  • Academic Director of EdYOUfest

  • Trainer at EdYOUGallery, Academy of Distinction, LanguagEd, Troika, and Lingo+

Materials designer 

  • Reviewer of Look - National Geographic Learning

  • Lingo+ Multilingualism Program Tutor

  • Author of ELT materials (TESOL Association, The Content Station, Troika, ACT GAC)

More about me

The idea of launching a professional development platform first came in 2012, after working 2 years at Cultura Inglesa in Brazil. I started outlining a comprehensive syllabus for courses, workshops, and lectures and went after the tools I needed to make it a reality. In 2015. Four years later, Education Development Course (EDCrocks) was born. However, in 2023, I've decided to rebrand my business and focus on something people can relate to. That's why I've changed it to André Hedlund - Learning Solutions.

This space serves as a hub to connect with professionals all over the world, to reflect on language, and general education trends, as well as theoretical and practical ideas I have developed for nearly two decades of teaching English, training and mentoring teachers, designing curricula and projects, and speaking and writing for major conferences and other platforms.


Empowering Educators and Entrepreneurs with Evidence-based Learning Solutions

My mission is to empower educators and entrepreneurs worldwide with fundamental knowledge and skills grounded in the Science of Learning, bridging the gap between research and practice, to make learning experiences more effective. 


Transforming Education, One Mind at a Time

My vision is to be a beacon of excellence. I aspire to be the go-to source for high-quality, thought-provoking solutions that amplify educators’ impact on student achievement and entrepreneurs' capabilities to serve their clients well. 


Inspired by Knowledge, Driven by Passion, Ethics, and Contribution

I am driven by an unyielding passion for transformative education. I value the pursuit of knowledge and the relentless commitment to excellence. Grounded in my background, I uphold high academic standards. I am dedicated to eradicating misinformation about learning and championing evidence-based practices. My commitment to integrity, expertise, and innovation fuels my mission to transform education around the world ethically and make my contribution.

Katherine Stannett

ELT Author
I’ve had the pleasure of attending André’s presentations and would thoroughly recommend him as an inspiring and energising speaker. He uses social media very effectively to motivate, encourage and inform other teachers of English. He’s also totally committed to furthering his own knowledge in EFL and to sharing his specialist understanding of the brain and memory in language learning

Clara Trașcă (Gligor)

Marketing Director at Fischer International
André was a speaker at the International Fischer Conference. He is confident, knowledgeable, extremely passionate, and charismatic. He engaged the audience and he proved strong presentation skills but also a friendly and positive attitude. I would always recommend André for his qualities as a presenter, teacher, and teacher-trainer and I’d love to work with him again

Rodrigo Santana

ELT Director
The ELT field pleases us with characters that would be hard to find in other areas. André Hedlund is an example of someone who fits perfectly in this consideration. He combines hard work with creativity and tactfulness, not to mention his excellent presentation skills. As a teacher, as a colleague, as a consultant… unlimited

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